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  • Smoky

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  • Lines !! 

    lines can keep you in 

    lines can keep you out 

    some lines you don’t understand 

    some lines you can erase, some you can’t 

    some lines you wait for 

    and some lines make you wait 

    lines can keep you alive 

    lines are with you till the end 

    but the only lines that matter, are the ones you make

  • shygesture:

    ping-pong is an exchange between Ana Kraš and Sylvian-emmanuel P.


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  • "The sea’s only gifts are harsh blows,
    “and, occasionally,
    the chance to feel strong.
    “Now, I don’t know much about the sea,
    “but I do know that
    that’s the way it is here.
    “And I also know
    how important it is in life
    “not necessarily to be strong,
    but to feel strong,
    “to measure yourself at least once,
    “to find yourself at least once in
    the most ancient of human conditions,
    “facing the blind, deaf stone alone
    “with nothing to help you
    but your hands and your own head. “

    —— Into the Wild- The Sea Scene

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  • That smile

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  • SHOBANA - The Danseuse, 

    none has her beauty, nor her skills

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  • "You will either step forward into growth, or you will step back into safety."
    Abraham Maslow (via nathanielstuart)

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  • fabriziamiliaphoto:

    ©Fabrizia Milia

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  • cuprikorn:

    untitled by yuskater on Flickr.

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